Company Profile

MAAS & RAFFAY Immobilienentwicklungs- und Management GmbH is a service company specialising in the development of real estate projects.

MAAS & RAFFAY promotes the selection, purchase and entire development process, from the initial idea and architectural design through to its completion. The company supports properties from project development, monitoring and quality assurance during the construction stage, to marketing or handover, to the final investor at the end of the process. Moreover, it develops construction projects financed and realised by the partners of specific project corporations. Other parties can benefit from MAAS & RAFFAY’s services as well.

In addition to the development of commercial and residential real estate projects, MAAS & RAFFAY has decades of experience in the development and realisation of real estate concepts for the auto industry and auto dealerships. It specialises in perceptive and efficient support in the preparation of new land-use plans or the amendment of existing ones, as well as the related suitable development of new and efficient real estate.

Partners and management

Hans-W. Maas is an executive partner who has been working in development and asset management of real estate for over 25 years. The focus of his work includes real estate development, ranging from specialised properties for the auto industry, municipal users and local dealers, to residential properties. For more than 20 years, Maas was Managing Director/Chief Representative for the Raffay group of companies. He was responsible for managing the entire property portfolio, the purchase of new sites as well as the development of existing and new projects. While under his management, the Raffay group expanded significantly in all of these ventures.

Gerhard von Raffay, during his time at the Raffay group of companies, advanced Germany’s oldest automobile trade company while significantly contributing to its expansion. During its 100 year-long history, Raffay has represented many car dealerships and brands including Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Hanomag, Maybach, Porsche (for the last 50 years), Renault and, more recently, Smart. Currently, Raffay looks after the management and development of an extensive property portfolio.

Dr Jochen Gutbrod held managerial positions at Schroder Investment Management Ltd. and Lombard Odier & Cie in Geneva, London and Zurich. Furthermore, he is co-founder of ifund Services AG, a service company for banks, fund managers, and insurance companies. In 2003, he joined the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, where he later became Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, a position he held until early 2010. Gutbrod’s management responsibilities for the publishing group included the business information (Handelsblatt group) and digital media sectors. Jochen Gutbrod has been CEO at the Raffay group of companies in Hamburg since May 2010.