Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 124-134, 22047 Hamburg

Plot site: approx. 23,000 sq m
Investment volume: 55 million euros
Completion: 2004

Friedrich Ebert Damm Friedrich Ebert Damm

At Hamburg’s eastern gateway to the “car mile” on Friedrich-Ebert-Damm in Wandsbek, a 23,000 square metre site was developed with a mix of office and recreation uses. Between 1998 and 2004, the project was completed within three construction phases. This trend-setting and award-winning architecture comprises a multiplex cinema, a Smart car dealer, a Peugeot branch office and a wellness facility, in addition to shops and restaurants.

The successful mix of uses has attracted a high number of customers to the whole site, which benefits all tenants, most especially the car dealers.

In 2007, the property was successfully sold to an institutional investor with a long-term perspective.

Friedrich Ebert Damm