Wohnen Am Weidensteg, Hamburg

Weidenbaumsweg 133, 21035 Hamburg

Mixed-use development comprising residential and student accommodation, social facilities and commerce

Plot site: approx. 590,000 sq ft
Building: approx. 560,000 sq ft (gross floor area)
Investment volume: approx. 120 million euros

Wohnen Am Weidensteg Wohnen Am Weidensteg

One of the ten largest residential neighbourhoods in Hamburg is being built with 500 residential units

The plan is set for the future of Bergedorf’s most attractive urban development, the Schleusengrabenachse. In only a few years’ time, the former industrial and commercial site will offer homes to more than 4,500 new residents – in a variety of housing types. Around one quarter of them will live in 500 apartments in the “Wohnen Am Weidensteg” neighborhood.

A local development plan that was approved in 2009 for the 55,000 sq m site followed an entirely different brief. The plan was subsequently revised, in order to meet the stakeholders' unified call for high quality urban design.

The Bergedorf 113 local development plan will fulfill legal planning requirements and provide the basis for the development of the "Wohnen am Weidensteg" neighborhood.

In addition to housing, a local shopping center will be built to meet the needs of future residents in the new neighborhood, with additional space for commerce, medical practices, gastronomy and a daycare center.

The master plan for the neighborhood has been developed in close consultation with all relevant planners, authorities and local politicians. The skillful arrangement of buildings guarantees the greatest possible connection to the waterfront for all residents. Interesting public spaces, intimate courtyards and generous outdoor areas with playgrounds, recreational areas, cafés and restaurants will provide an inviting environment for residents and visitors.

The required parking spaces for the 500 apartments will be supplied in an underground parking garage, freeing the street space for generous landscaping. Access for external traffic to Weidenbaumsweg will be well provided for by a customized mini-roundabout.

A delightfully new pedestrian and cycle path along the man-made waterway will offer a direct connection for future residents of the “Glasbläserhöfe”, “Wohnen Am Weidensteg”, “Schilfpark” and “Stuhlrohr” neighborhoods to the attractive offerings of Bergedorf district center, and to the unique local recreation area in the Vier- und Marschlande district. Another highlight will be the new bridge across the Schleusengraben, a high-standard engineering and landscape design project that will add a harmonious link between the neighborhoods on both sides of this waterway.

Work on the local infrastructure for this new and ambitious neighborhood development will start in 2018.

Hamburg, December 2018


“New City Trees” Project at Weidenbaumsweg
Bergedorfer Zeitung, April 8, 2016

A dozen stately trees are to be planted along Weidenbaumsweg near Nettelnburg, as soon as construction of this section of the new residential quarter Weidensteg is completed. This proposition by Hamburg’s Chief Planning Director, Prof. Jörn Walter, was presented by Bergedorf’s Building Commissioner, Uwe Czaplenski, before the City Planning Committee this week.

Reproduction of an old industrial complex to add value to new residential development
Bergedorfer Zeitung, January 16, 2016

It is finally underway: the large-scale development project “Weidensteg” with its planned construction of 450 apartments between Weidenbaumsweg road, Schleusengraben canal, and Kampbille river.